Luxury Necklace - 18K GOLD Plated
Luxury Necklace - 18K GOLD Plated
Luxury Necklace - 18K GOLD Plated
Luxury Necklace - 18K GOLD Plated

Luxury Necklace - 18K GOLD Plated

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  • Product: Designer Men Necklace
  • Material: Strong 18K GOLD plated steel
  • Band Size: 50 cm
  • Band Thick: 9.1 mm
  • Total Weight: 40g
  • Extras:  Designed by Jonny Mahony, NEW-YORK. Carefully hand made chain with strong clasp in beautiful Emirates GOLD color.
  • Recommends:  Comfortable and just luxury mens jewelry for any time of day. Wear it just with everything, Suit? No problem! Short? Same! Just wear and enjoy. You can even swim in salt water with this Necklace. Just don't care and try!

24/06/2020, 13:00
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Just OMG, I expected something other. This one arrived yesterday. Its real luxury for less money. The sale is just perfect.. I already bought one more for my father. It looks amzing! Appears gorgeous and the clasp is really strong, you can hang on it. I just enjoy

25/06/2020, 09:49
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One WORD ITS Beautiful!! The Necklace is amazing. I tried to swim with it on my neck, nothing happens, no color changings, nothig. Still nice shine and rich color. I wear it with my watches daily and it looks perfect.

21/06/2020, 04:43
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For that price and such jewelry?? Amazing I just bought one more as a gift for my son. All I can say its made great. The chain if really strong and the clasp is like a real lock :) I even didn't expect that it will be so nice. Wearing it already about 4 weeks and it looks great. Color is still same a new, not like cheap products I had before. I like it and I only can recommed.

16/06/2020, 23:37
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I was thinking a long time to buy or not. But COD is great and what I liked the customer support called me and assured that I can change or give back withing 2 weeks. Now I'm really happy with that. Its arrived today and looks just perfect. Very strong clasp, just OMG. you can lock the doors with this Necklace. The color of gold is amazing and well polished.

18/06/2020, 17:29
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Guys this one is awesome. I enjoy it daily. Really strong and beautiful chain. My friends asking all the time where to buy the same one. If you are looking for a Necklace just don't think and buy, this one is perfect

22/06/2020, 04:14
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I'm boat and yaht seller and my outfit should be not cheap, so I always try to find new jewelry and watches. I understand already in few seconds which jewelry is a crap and which one is luxury. After I bought this Necklace I only can say I recommed. This one is a real luxury product. Top quality!

23/06/2020, 17:01
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My son is really happy with that. It was my gift to his 30 birthday. He is wearing it all the time. I think he is even sleeping with that. The quality is awesome, I think I should buy one for me